Block Funds

Asp.Net/c# Programmed a crowd funding web site that allowed existing and potential investors the ability to browse and invest in commercial real estate offerings, view and electronically sign documents, view investment reports and documents related to their investments.

Block Real Estate

Maintenance and new development on the company’s web site, providing end users with the ability to view and search company information and commercial real estate listings.

JTS Communities

Developed new modules and maintained existing functionality which tracked home buyer’s custom home plans and options for the company’s intranet

Zelos Group. Inc

ASP.NET/C#/ADO.NET/SQL Server Integration with third-party applications including: Salesforce (CRM) and VeriSign (e-commerce). Redesigned, programmed, and migrated the web site from classic ASP/VBScript/Inline into n-tier architecture using ASP.NET/C#/ADO.NET

Water Key

ASP.NET/VB.NET/ADO.NET/SQL Server Programmed database-driven site featuring a product catalog and an admin tool, which gives the owner the ability to add, update, and delete products in the database.

Vital Link

ASP.NET/VB.NET/ASP/VBScript/ADO/SQL Server Managed the transition of the company’s web development from an outsourced entity to an in-house web development team, reducing development costs.


CGI-C/DHTML/JavaScript/MySQL Created the logo and a cross-platform/cross-browser site design to represent the company’s new name.

BECK Construction

ASP/VBScript/Access Technical Lead: Programmed entire site using content matched to templates stored in an Access database. Developed an HTTP based editor tool with four levels of access, which allows for remote login/update of the site from a web browser.


ASP/VBScript/Access Technical Lead: Programmed Interactive Bulletin Board and Chat program for the site. The navigation is created dynamically using the ASP File System Object to read directory and file structure to create the navigation.

Baylor Health Care System

ASP/VBScript/SQL Server Assisted with site ASP programming and HTML encoding.

City Of Arlinton, TX

HTML encoding. Programmed system-generated email reply to Y2k respondents using ASP/CDONTS.

Darr Equipment Company

Technical Lead: Programmed dynamic navigation using ASP File System OBject to read directory and file stucture. ASP templated site using text files and templates.


Technical Lead: Programmed online e-commerce site for class registration. Site built using MySQL and PHP.


Technical Lead: Programmed template driven site using File System Object and CDONTS.


Technical Lead: HTML encoding.


Assisted with ASP programming and HTML encoding.

Saurage-Thibodeaux Research

Technical Lead: HTML Encoding and updating.

Thompson & Knight Law

ASP programming and HTML encoding.